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Your Smart Business Decision Uber Eats Clone Script and Source Code!

Uber eats takes an edge over the populated food delivery app that wrestle to integrate the highly functional features understanding the requirements of the stakeholders. Uber eats, aiming to provide the best functional experience firmly achieves maintaining the top positions. Why not reflect in your own way?

Time to announce your own brand and get your app outsmart the rallying trend of food delivery businesses like Uber eats.  Proposing much more which could transcend the features of Uber eats app and opens doors to the perfect integration of features and components that gets your brand the best recognition. Locking up with Uber eats app as an inspiration and incepting a better than the Uber eats clone will let you to launch a better app for better results and set a benchmark in this happening world.

Deliver Happy times and transforms business

This innovative better than Uber eats, the clone app focuses on business and brand success as it opens door to the revenue growth by giving ample opportunity to the food vendors across the city. It works as merchant focused, which helps numerous food suppliers flourish and also gathers the attention the users to enjoy varieties each day and each meal at their door step.

The modules pertain to the

  1. Admin panel,
  2. Customer app,
  3. Delivery driver app
  4. Store app.

An example of store control panel would be with Log in, Billing, Dispatch order, Edit/add/cancel product, Manage products with product types, Transaction history, Payment statements, Income details, Categories master.

An example of admin panel would be with dashboard, maps, payments, services types, settings, locations etc.

Persuades your craving for customer satisfaction

This so-called food deliver app facilitates the customers to order food of any preferred outlet, gets you customize to e-prepare the food with the ingredient choices, filter options and much more. Users tend to look for enhancement and hence with better technology and enriched features we deliver a better than Uber Eats app clone which could get better user experience the real-time tracking, deliver customization, multilingual support, payment options and much more.  

Become a companion for everyone and anywhere

This app services to connect people to identify new business options in food delivery, be a customer and get served much beyond the general timings and location. Let’s you go ahead with your work devoid of the fear of starving or the need to grab food for sooner than it is over. Makes life easier, happier and saves much on pockets while it also builds better community.

We are certainly there for you! As the trend changes we are bound to show improvements, while we start your own brand with food delivery app similar to the Uber eats, the venture will be supported with intense research and we certainly are looking at you as new entrepreneur for whom we could deliver a better than the Uber eats clone script and source code. We shall work together now!


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