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Essential Features in UberEats Clone App with Enrichments

It is essential to bestow a competitive edge of the pertaining app in the marker, functions that outsmart the existing app and so is the UberEats clone app with enrichments. In order to own a business with the food delivery app, the readymade application should be the quick process under consideration but would you believe the same can be matched with the best of clone which would be the UberEats clone. The welcoming aspect is the growing customer needs and that getting food delivered is getting much preferred than the restaurant visits. The suggested UberEats clone would be a quick solution with the white labeling option and is provided with the source code and script. Eventually gets branded to your business with the enrich features.

Glimpse of the featuresWhile we converse of the enhancements, it is quite essential to understand the available features which come into consideration for the various advancements. The stakeholders of this application are the admin, users, delivery person and the restaurants.

Admin panel:

Innovative dashboard, profile and accounts management, tracking with analytics, analyses of the reviews and the ratings, contents and the images management, product categories, the restaurant management, payment modules, help desk management and the dispatch details management.

Users Log in:

The users are people of diverse understanding levels and so simplicity should be the prime target. The login can be with social media or the email, the list of nearby restaurants, search for different categories, product details, and swift check out option with the simple payment options. Few more are the tracking of orders, delivery, feedback and instant help in case of discrepancies. An exclusive chat options at multiple levels giving better insight of the tracking system.

Delivery chap:

Here all over again allows you to login with the social media or email id, shift details, get the request for the supply, identify and reach the restaurant, order pick up, order delivery, payment confirmation, feedback, handling disputes, interesting chat and  notifications.

The Restaurant log in:

It’s at an added convenience to the restaurant person to access complete details in the dashboards, possible to get the order and decides to accept or deny, hand over the transactions, view deliveries and their history, order status, payments, reviews and the update notifications.

Smart features and solutions:

Big Data:

Conceptually, the app can be enriched with the smart options of high data where in the customer preferences and analyzed based on the past orders and behaviours. The preferred details gets auto populated to the users based on their requirements, this gives an enriched experience and makes them love the app like anything.

Payments Convenience:

More hands on and easy payment options with single click transfer of funds, it can also be customized as per the requirement of the users. All of these are enhanced with the stringent privacy and security controls.

Anywhere Delivery:

Without restriction of the registered locations, the food can be put on serve at any location of the users, this serves as an ultimate luxury for the users to keep moving their works and schedule without the need of starving or any reach out to the food counters.

Subscriptions, offers and discounts

Being the registered user you could benefits the timely offers and discounts along with the preferred delivery time. So, gains are more with options to dine pocket friendly and with better savings.

Multiple options:

As you might wish to get the course of food delivery from more than single restaurants which is certainly possible and also provides options for bulk booking, time based ordering and to meet the expectations.

Rewards and Bonus:

Timely promotions are designed which could provoke the interest of the users keeping them triggered to use more. This proves to be most happening business and you could get your turnkey app at the earliest with the enrichment based on the sample provided. Time to dive into the food industry and start enterprising to make ample profits along with the high reputation of the brand value, Let’s make it happen, connect with us. | +65 9389 6099


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